Carbon black fluid acrylics, C-Print, Acrylic Medium, Photo 56X75cm, Frame 76X100cm

Together with my sister I was at the studio where my father had worked and lived for the last decades of his life.
Three months before he unexpectedly deceased. My father was a visual artist.
The strong scent of oil paint made it feel like he was still present.
When my sister wanted to throw away some empty jars I totally freaked out.
Some empty jars!!
I knew I had to do something. I could not just throw his life away like that.
So I did what I knew how to… I started taking pictures.
Systematically I photographed the objects which represented his world to me.
Later I worked on the images in a similar way how he had worked on his paintings.
I did this in his studio, which intensified the process of mourning.
Intentionally this series was strictly for myself, but as it progressed, as I progressed, I realized grief was one of those things in life we can’t prepare for.
I decided I wanted to share the active way which worked for me…

So here it is. Out in the open. This was my grinder to deal with grief.

‘Grief’ consists of 50 images, processed with acrylic medium, framed and mounted on acid free cardboard with painters tape and
was be exhibited in galery ‘Beeldend Gesproken’, 16-20 august 2017, Hannie Dankbaarpassage 23, De Hallen Amsterdam.